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We, the Troopers, Sergeants, Dispatchers, Communication and Electronic Technicians on active duty in good standing, believing that the best interests of ourselves, our employer, our communities, and the State of Ohio can be well served by our entering into an association free from outside influence or domination with the purposes as hereinafter set forth in our Constitution do hereby unite with each other and adopt this Constitution to govern this Association.


The purposes of this association shall be:


  1. To bargain collectively with the employer, while designated as the duly-elected or certified employee organization representing the Troopers, Sergeants, Dispatchers, Communication and Electronic Technicians, concerning conditions of their employment, compensation, hours, working conditions, and other aspects of their employment pursuant to Chapter 4117 of the Ohio Revised Code;
  2. To organize and maintain an organ of representation for the members of the Association;
  3. To maintain an avenue of direct communication between the members of the Association and the Superintendent of the Highway Patrol, the Director of the Department of Public Safety, the Civil Service Commission, and the Office of Collective Bargaining, and any other agency within the State of Ohio.
  4. To secure and insure the rightful respect for the individual dignity of every member of the association and every law enforcement officer in the Highway Patrol.
  5. To promote a spirit among members of the Association of cooperation and fellowship.
  6. To develop a high regard for the vocations of the Ohio State Highway Patrol.
  7. To gather, receive and disseminate such information concerning law enforcement service and other employment standards as may be helpful to the membership in the pursuit of their calling;
  8. To give cooperation to, and arrange unified action with the administrative heads of State Agencies and Departments for the greater good of the citizens of Ohio, the Department of Public Safety, the Ohio State Highway Patrol and the members of the Association.
  9. To develop pride and morale in the membership and department so that the image projected by our members to the people we serve is an honest picture of dedicated law enforcement professionals exemplifying the best in all standards of the law enforcement profession.
  10. Receive, manage, invest, expend, and otherwise use moneys and property of this organization to achieve the objectives set forth in these By-Laws, as well as all other rights and privileges set forth for Corporations as set forth in the Ohio Revised Code.
  11. Furnish services to all individuals, groups or bodies as required to further the aims and purposes of the Association.